What are we progressing towards if it's killing us?

This is where we were proud of all our most recent inventions and gadgets such as brands, products, services, technology, the Internet and all the greatness these things had to offer.

We celebrated progress, but we’ve progressed so much that we lost the connection to what is real and what isn’t.

The Illusion is great for boosting the economy but atrocious for boosting the human spirit, our self-esteem and well-being.


Older versus Younger generation and their understanding of reality

The biggest difference between the older and younger generation is in where the Ego is placed.

Is it on me in the world, or on the world as a possibility to become more of me?

The older generation: “I am, therefore it is.”

The material reality is the first point of reference. The symbolic (possibility, aether, invisible, unseen) is the secondary form of reality which only makes sense and is valid in its cross-reference to what “positively is”. In other words, I need to see it to believe it. Therefore, data, overabundance, overproduction, noise and the large-scale crisis of meaning we have on our hands right now.


Published in Lifestyle, The Collective by Lewis Silkin newsletter in November 2020.

Together with The Collective by Lewis Silkin we present the new The Future of Luxury in Times of a Global Pandemic monthly series. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

Part One: The New Meaning Of Luxury is here.



Back to Essence: Entering new luxury paradigm. What does COVID-19 mean for the future of luxury brands?

The COVID pandemic has impacted the business sector very powerfully this year. But, the impact hasn’t only been in terms of declining sales, government restrictions and volatile purchasing power. It’s shown us what was long brewing underneath the surface.

Uncovering our essential needs

The inability of many businesses to deliver true and meaningful value…


Published in Lifestyle, The Collective by Lewis Silkin newsletter in October 2020.

Together with The Collective by Lewis Silkin we present the new The Future of Luxury in Times of a Global Pandemic monthly series.

I hope you’ll enjoy them!



The new meaning of luxury. How is COVID-19 redefining what luxury means today?

There is a lot of discussion about how the world is changing in the light of COVID-19 and how it’s affecting brands and businesses. An interesting outlier in this conversation is luxury, as the luxury sector was already changing greatly before COVID-19, but the global pandemic has further exacerbated those trends and made them front and centre in 2020.

EAT LOVE SAVOR had the opportunity and great pleasure to discuss at length with Dr Martina Olbertova about the subject of luxury and meaning. We are delighted to bring to you this in-depth interview as she offers great food for thought and insightful perspective.

Separation Is The Root Of All Evil

The separation consciousness between mind, body and soul, between the immaterial and physical, between the symbolic and tangible, between the seen and unseen is the root of all toxicity.

We are all One. There is no Separation. Separation is an illusion of the dualistic mind where Reason was cut off from Spirituality. As an effect, our innate powers were shunned into oblivion.

We were taught that we are machines and that’s it. Everything…

We have gone from free movement to no movement. Yet, the effect on our ability to do the work from anywhere and collaborate globally hasn’t changed. It’s literally the same.

How come that in the opposite set of circumstances we are still getting the same exact result?

What we are witnessing now in this change of circumstances is a powerful mindset shift which fully wipes out…

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I’ve been fascinated by the concept of time, most importantly with its relation to space. All of a sudden it seemed as if the notion of time has stopped, frozen in space with ourselves along with it. This is something I am describing in a podcast called Finding Direction in Disorientation with a friend Jonathan Cook from earlier this year where we discuss the nature of spacetime with regards to our changed perception. You can listen to it here if you like.

Having taken a turn towards exploring the nature of human perception, cognition, universal…


People are scared of the truth because they’re accustomed to living in the darkness and calling it a reality.

It is a reality for them. Subjective reality.

However, this is not reality, this is an illusion.

The truth is what reveals the illusion.

And allows you to step into the actual reality where you are in Alignment with You.

Whatever you need to sacrifice, do it.

Because living the opposite way means sacrificing the highest stake: You. And for what?

For gaining a lie at the expense of You, of everything you can ever become, you can ever create, you…


Because the story withholds the patterns and masks itself as the whole thing. When in reality, it’s just a fraction of the whole.

Using the narrative as a lens through which you look at the world leads to a distorted view of the reality, full of separation and false consciousness.

The subjective pattern is causing your confirmation bias, your cherrypicking of the pieces of reality that…

Dr Martina Olbertova

Founder & CEO Meaning.Global Social scientist, writer, strategist and semiotician exploring the nature of consciousness, cognition and social and culture change

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